A student who is admitted to one of the programs can take on registration. This has to be done before attending any class lecture. For this end, the student should go to his/her academic advisor, find and fill the required information on the registration slip, and get it signed by the advisor and the Institute’s registrar office with the duly signed slips. The registrar then registers students, renew their ID card and give back a copy of registration slip to students. The registrar office indicates the dates on the academic calendar of the Institute in which a student should register.


  • There are four semesters for the regular program. So, students shall register in every semester.
  • For a new registration, degree and student copy are necessary.
  • Late registration is not allowed. Those who for any reason register late shall pay a fine of 200 ETB for 1-3 days of late registration. And the fine will be double for 3-7 days of late registration. After 7 days it is totally forbidden to be registered.
  • If a student does not take a course after registration, he/she shall register all the courses at the end of the term and they fill add and drop form at the end of the course or before the exam.