YOM envisions an institute with the excellence of providing state of the art training in Africa on topics such as Development Economics and Project Planning and Management. YOM has a means to assure its service quality in a systematic manner in such a way that its programs, students, teaching & learning processes, research, and facilities meet institutional and national standards.

The Institute comprises a team of highly educated young as well as experienced professionals having several published works in well-cited international journals, presented at high-level conferences and with a good reputation in a number of consultancy works in different parts of the world.

The Institute takes great care in its students’ enrollment. Not only that students need to successfully complete their first degree from a recognized Higher Institute with minimum passing Cumulative Grade Point Average; but also, students are subject to other criteria such as passing an entrance exam, and years of work service. Our class size (class-student ratio) is also as per the standard requirement of the HERQA. All of our class courses are handled by Ph.D. holders. To a research working student, YOM assigns not only Ph.D. holding Advisor, but a Co-advisor having MSc certificate or above also. Our courses are applied in nature and are more tilted to the real-world scenario.

Our facilities are well designed for young and adult students and trainees. The services are delivered with flexible and technologically advanced learning environments that are safe, healthy, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Facilities are designed in such a way that they are able to accommodate the specific space and equipment needs of the training program and curriculum. The major facilities include:

  • large-size rooms designed for lecture-style instruction and training
  • Computer Training labs equipped with computer workstations and Internet access for each student
  • Library with quiet reading atmosphere having internet access and link with international digital libraries

As part of its major activities, YOM implements regular and in-depth quality assurance analysis and evaluation of the programs and the teaching and learning environment. YOM has a regular assessment to check the appropriateness and effectiveness of both its Quality Policy well as the HERQA’s (Ethiopian Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency) quality requirements.