The University of Sheffield, which was established in 1897 in Sheffield, England, is a multi-campus university organized into five academic faculties composed of multiple departments. 

Peter Loadman is a senior staff in the University of Sheffield, Management School. The school is an accredited business school at the University of Sheffield. Peter arrived in Addis Ababa, YOM, and discussed with YOM’s top management on the overall possibilities of collaboration. Peter is also a manager in LYFT, a PLC located in England. 

Peter, who describes himself as was very much happy to offer a guest lecture in the areas of Employee Engagement for YOM’s community and did it accordingly on June 6/2018 in YOM Addis Ababa campus. 

Employee engagement is the extent to which employee commitment, both emotional and intellectual, exists relative to accomplishing the work, mission, and vision of the organization. Engagement can be seen as a heightened level of ownership where each employee wants to do whatever they can for the benefit of their internal and external customers, and for the success of the organization as a whole. Peter explained the current trends in employee engagement with respect to Employee Motivation.

According to Peter, increasing engagement should be a strategic priority in an organization. The details and real-world examples for motivation are also listed by the participants and discussed together thoroughly. The guest lecture was communicative where the participants ̶ students, staff, and other invited guests ̶ were interactive.