Each year YOM Institute of Economic Development, in collaboration with Debre Markos University, holds a research seminar in order to better understanding of the research undertakings and provide some insight into the selected thematic area.

The seminar brings together researchers, academicians, students, and other multidisciplinary stakeholders from around Debre Markos and Addis Ababa.

The annual research seminar was conducted on December 23/2017 in Debre Markos town in the Seminar Hall of Debre Markos University in the presence of University Senior Officials, Researchers, Academicians, Post-graduate students, and other university community members and invited guests from Debre Markos town.

The main theme of the seminar was ‹‹Focus on Micro & Macro Perspectives of Economic Development›› and in alignment with the theme, academics and former joint DMU-YOM students presented their latest works which encompass the diverse and changing context of development such as irrigation and production efficiency, rural household poverty, Economic growth and environmental degradation, and Livelihood.

Participants appreciated the seminar session and notified YOM that it should be continued even in a more improved way.